Working Hunter Rules

Suggested Rules


Suggested Working Hunter Rules for ISA Shows.

Judging Phases

Phase 1: Jumping – Each horse will be required to jump a course of working hunter fences. The Judges will take into account the overall style of the jumping but, each fence will be taken into consideration. The approach, take off,  jump, landing, and departure from each fence will be assessed.

Phase 2: Ride – The Judge may ride all horses in all paces on either or both reins.

Phase 3: Conformation and Movement– The conformation and movement of the horse in-hand will be assessed by the Judge.

Notes: - 1. The same rider must ride the horse throughout the class.

             2. Tack:- No Brushing Boots may be worn in the showing phase.

                                A Double Bridle may be worn.

                                A Running Martingale can be used with a double bridle but, on the snaffle          

                                   rein only.

                                   The same tack must be worn in all phases.

             3. Grading:- No Grade A Showjumpers or Advanced Event Horses may compete in Open

                                        Working Hunter classes.

                                        Novice Classes are restricted to horses which have not won a total of €200 in

                                        Prize Money (excluding Championship prize money) in any WH class.

                                        The maximum height of fences for Novice WH classes is 90cms. and Open WH

                                         Classes have a maximum height of 100cms.

Marking Scheme :-

Phase 1: Jumping                                                             40 Marks

              Style and Presence                                              20 Marks

Phase 2: Ride                                                                   20 Marks

Phase 3: Conformation and Movement                               20 Marks

                                        Total                                      100 Marks


  1. 10 marks for each fence knocked down.
  2. 15 marks for the first refusal.
  3. 20 marks for the second refusal.
  4. Third Refusal will mean elimination from the competition.
  5. Elimination for a fall of either horse or rider. A Rider who has fallen off may not remount in the WH arena.

A proper set of Working Hunter Fences must be used.

Horses must be 4 years old or over.