Rules and Turnout

A summary of the main rules governing our classes and some notes on ideal turnout for horse and rider


General rules

A lack of control or display of bad manners by the horse, in the judges’ opinion, may be asked to leave the ring and, depending on the extent of the misbehaviour, may extend to the suspension/refusal of entry at further classes until this matter has been resolved.

Also, competitors are reminded of their manners and sportsmanship at all times.  Any abuse to either horse or human may result in elimination from the competition and refusal of future entries being accepted.

Any horse which is deemed to be overweight for type will be put to the end of the line regardless of performance and this is solely at the judge's discretion.

The judges’ decision is final and there is no appeal.

Ideal turnout for competition

Horse Turnout

  • Manes should be plaited - tails pulled or plaited - heels trimmed.
  • Bits - Snaffle/Pelham/Weymouth - 4yr olds are encouraged to ride in a snaffle.
  • Martingales - running or standing may be worn in the ridden class - only running martingales in the performance classes
  • Ideally no martingale in an open class but is allowed
  • Bridles - should be plain leather, no coloured browbands etc.
  • Nosebands - plain/grackle/drop/flash.
  • Saddles - for showing should be reasonably straight in the ridden section.
  • Spurs - not to be worn in a retraining class.  At all times the spurs must be of smooth metal, there must be a shank pointing only towards the rear which must be no more than 3.5cms long and without rowels.  The end must be blunt and incapable of wounding a horse. If the shank is curved the spurs must be worn only with the shank directed downwards.
  • Any person seen to abuse the horse with the spurs will be eliminated.
  • Remedial shoes where necessary.
  • Plain boots may be worn in the performance class.

RACEHORSE to RIDING HORSE IRELAND - discourages the production of over fat horses to its classes and the judge will take this into consideration when making their awards

Rider Turnout

  • Riders should be neat and tidy
  • Ideally - Tweed jacket and beige/canary jodhpurs - however black/navy jackets are acceptable
  • Velvet hats or skull caps with black/blue velvet cover. 
  • Long boots or short boots with gaiters although short boots with chaps are acceptable
  • Gloves
  • Shirt and tie or stock
  • Hairnet