Racehorse to Riding Horse Ireland

This Association was the brainchild of founder Julie Morris who, after an argument about the usefulness of the ex-racehorse after its racing career is over with an associate who was anti-thoroughbred and anti-ex-racehorse, decided to do something about it.  With the bit between her teeth, Julie set off with the aim of creating an arena for ex-racehorses to show the public what amazing and adaptable animals these thoroughbreds are.  Within the first season six county shows in the northern provinces of Ireland were running R to R classes under the fledgling association's rules and it has gone from strength to strength ever since!

The Association formalised in the early part of 2011 with the formation of a committee to help run it and we now have classes running all year round both north and south of the Border for retraining (the most basic class for less experienced horses), Novice, Open and Named but not Raced riding classes as well as Performance (jumping) classes over a mixture of rustic and coloured fences.  We also have the very popular Racehorse to Hunt class which really gets the crowds going!

We would encourage shows to continue to give our members discount on their entry fees as this has always been very much appreciated.

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Aims of the Association

To rehabilitate/retrain the exracehorse to accept his training as a riding horse and adapt to life outside his previous training and be able to perform in other equestrian disciplines

Our competitions are aimed to encourage the retraining of exracehorses within the confines of the show ring

All our classes are based on Control Obedience and Manners

We do not do Show Classes nor is Conformation assessed as a horse does not have to be the perfect figure to race and therefore injuries blemishes etc. conformation faults do not play a part in our competitions

The emphasis of our competitions is to create an outlet for owners/riders to enjoy a day out at the show with their charges and they receive feedback by way of a score sheet on their performance, which the judge completes and is relevant for each class